Land Use 2016 Comp Plan

Comp Plan Meetings Update: Land Use

Great Scott!

This was a busy week almost 7 hours of meetings at Planning and Zoning.  I was appointed by the Mayor to serve on the General Steering Committee, along with David Lusby and Connie Tackett.  I serve on Land Use Committee as well as Chairing the Heritage/Urban Form Committee.  It’s been a good experience thus far.


The first meeting was Land Use, chaired by David Lusby and Joe Kane.  Here is what was discussed:

Vision Statement:

Scott County’s urban and rural areas provide: 1) Diversity of uses – which allows interaction and connectivity between land uses and transportation modes, 2) Distinct neighborhoods – which have strong character and equitable access, 3) Dedicated focus to our downtowns – which are the heart of each of our three cities, 4) Employment centers – where industrial and commercial activity are able to thrive and produce for the county and region, 5) Accessible institutions (schools, etc.) – which are distributed throughout the community, allowing for integration and collaboration, and 6) Natural and open spaces – which are identified and protected through acquisition, stewardship, and responsible site planning, and which are incorporated as vital components of our infrastructure and economy.

Fundamental Principles:
  • Growth management and land use regulations positively impact the overall quality of life throughout the County and achieve a proper balance between the property rights of individuals and the rights and needs of the general public and community.
  • The greenbelt acts as a land use buffer between urban and rural areas.
  • Growth should occur predominately within existing urban areas. Future growth expansion should occur within the present and future bypass to the north and northwest rather than to the south, east, or west of the existing urban services.
  • Urban centers should be strengthened through infill and adaptive reuse of existing buildings, incremental and sustainable growth.
  • Main corridors into urban centers in Scott County should be planned to provide aesthetically pleasing and functional entryways.
  • Neighborhoods should have diverse housing that is both high quality and accessible to varying income levels. Commercial centers, parks, and other public spaces should be integrated to create dynamic neighborhoods with access to daily needs.

Polly Singer Eardley